Playing with words and symbols for 2011. First attempt at "hearth" is not centered... the last letter ran right off the page.

I’ve seen lots of other bloggers (not just Karenika, even though she did it too!) choose a “Word for the Year.” I like the concept and decided to try it this year. Instead of looking for the right word, I wrote down some general statements of how I want to feel and what I want to have accomplished by the end of the year.  These statements are purposely written as though they already happened, or I already feel that way, following the “act as if” guidelines for achieving goals. 

My focus for 2011:  

  • Our home is a clean, tidy, beautiful place where I love to be, create, read, cook nourishing meals, spend quality time with John, have friends and family over, raise our family, and a place I am proud of. 
  • My life is grounded in a steady and predictable routine that keeps us nourished and provides a foundation to build on with meaningful experiences and memories. 
  • I joyfully care for my home and family, making our home beautiful, caring for my family in seen and unseen ways. 
  • My inner longings are fulfilled as I express my creativity, feel the calmness of organization and preparedness, and experience my slow and unhurried natural rhythm. 
  • I have found health, emotionally and physically, through nourishing food, regular exercise, being outdoors, reducing stress and other toxins, following nature’s cycles and predictable changes, practicing meditation, and feeding my creative spirit through regular practice and expression.
  • The memories and expressions are documented and shared, extending the hearth, and inviting everyone to come sit by it. 

After writing the last line, I knew my word for the year would be HEARTH.  This is a little cheesy, but I love the fact that Hearth includes the words Art, Earth, and Heart within it.

My main word for this year: Hearth
Other words that support my goals:

Symbols for this year:  Hearth/Fireplace
Other symbols that could represent my goals and sub-words:
green pea; sprouts
{create – couldn’t come up with one, any suggestions?}
flower bud

Knowing and understanding these goals, what is my daily focus going to be?
+ Having a routine that helps achieve these goals, knowing that routine, in itself, is a goal.

How will my blog schedule reflect progress on  these goals?
+ Posts will occur on a predictable, rhythmic schedule
+ Posts will focus on my the projects I’ve chosen to achieve each goal.

Weekly Posts that support my goals:
Monday: Pregnancy Journal and Pregnancy updates
Tuesday: What I’m Eating / Cooking; Exercise/Movement updates
Wednesday: Daily Goals Progress Report
Thursday: Mission Organization; Home progress report “from the hearth” 
Friday: Weekly crafting project, or What I did with Mom this week! (not a scrapbook page)
Saturday: Scrapbooking page for this week (could be from Wedding album in progress, classes I’m taking, calendar page, etc)
Sunday: Book Review

Daily Posts:
One of my goals this year is to post daily. Just by following the schedule above, I will have daily posts. Here are a few additional things I am doing daily, though I have not yet decided if I’m going to post these every day or wait and compile them weekly. It seems like a lot to cover it all in one day, so I’ll revisit this at the end of January. I am currently doing the following things daily:

  • Daily Sketch/Weekly Art Journal – My daily sketches are just ideas and playing around in my sketchbook. Once a week I will do something a little more intensive, using other products and not just my pen and watercolor pencils. 
  • Daily Gratitude – I’m doing this on the left-hand side of my sketchbook, facing the right side page with the sketch on it for that day. I can also jot down notes or thoughts because there is plenty of room. 
  • Daily Photo – I’m also considering signing up for the BPS Manual Mode class with Elisha Snow.  *I accidentally left our camera at my mother-in-law’s house on New Year’s Day. I should be getting it back in a few days and be able to start taking photos again!
  • Daily Routine – I’m following the Fly Lady. If you don’t know who she is, I’ll post more about her on Wednesday. I’m also reading Steady Days, and a lot of the concepts are similar between the two. More updates on this to come!

This post is inspired by Karenika.  After taking her class at Big Picture Scrapbooking last year, titled Reclaiming My Time, I began reading Karen’s blog. I find her approach to life and the body of work she has accomplished over time to be a gentle guide. I hope this is understood to be a huge compliment: I see her as the epitome of Slow and steady wins the race, or How do you eat an Elephant? … one bite at a time. While she does impressive creative work, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She doesn’t hold herself to unreasonable standards. And while she hasn’t preached this message directly, my personal takeaway from following her this year has been: why not give it a try? If I want to try to post every day in January, but I only post on 15 days, I will not feel that I have failed. I will marvel at 15 posts in a single month … more than I was able to do in 2010.

Karen’s goals for 2010 seemed overhwelming and unrealistic for my life, which has served as a good reminder that I don’t need to compare myself to anyone else. I need to look at my own life, define my own priorities, and set goals that are attainable for me (and maybe just a little out of reach.. why not give it a try?). Karen’s accomplishments this year are impressive. What I at first recognize as jealousy is in actuality a longing within myself to have accomplished similar goals and be able to look back on my year, and life, with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude.

After a year of sharing three things she was thankful for each day, Karen posted a long list of 100 things she’s thankful for. I thought it was a great way to start of the year, so here is my list!

100 Things I’m Thankful For

 1. My hilarious, dear, sweet, loving husband
 2. The privilege of not having to work
 3. A healthy baby growing in my belly
 4. Fresh local milk
 5. Stainless steel cookware
 6. Orchids
 7. Cute paper cocktail napkins
 8. Wooden matches
 9. Great hairdresser
 10. Jeans that make me feel great when I put them on
 11. The fact that I love to run
 12. Being a good swimmer
 13. Mom, Dad, and Kel
 14. Unlimited (nearly) hot water
 15. Baby quilts
 16. Having big teeth and a big smile
 17. Air conditioning
 18. Delivery food
 19. The beach
 20. Warm chocolate chip cookies
 21. Great paper for writing on
 22. Journaling, and my collection of filled journals
 23. Heating pad
 24. Coffee
 25. Sunshine
 26. Snuggling back to sleep after the alarm goes off
 27. My bike (though I won’t be riding again until after the baby comes)
 28. Inspirational bloggers
 29. Martha Stewart paint colors
 30. Living in Austin
 31. B Vitamins
 32. My iPhone
 33. Our bed
 34. Pedicures
 35. Days I get to spend with just my mom
 36. Frozen pizza
 37. Really believing I can do anything
 38. Hilarious childhood memories of our normal days
 39. Getting a massage
 40. Homemade chicken stock
 41. Hugs from people I love
 42. Car stereo system
 43. BabyCenter Community
 44. handwritten letters
 45. Great mother in law who I get along with
 46. Storm sleepmaker app
 47. Evernote
 48. My Laptop
 49. Egyptian cotton sheets
 50. The day the fresh sheets go on the bed
 51. Colorful umbrellas
 52. A whole room for crafting
 53. Binder clips
 54. Russel + Hazel
 55. Cloth napkins
 56. Having a dishwasher
 57. Big, pretty coffee mugs
 58. Unlimited cell phone minutes
 59. SMS
 60. Drive Thru
 61. Being so generally happy and healthy
 62. Sunny days in the middle of winter
 63. Yoga and meditation
 64. Runners high
 65. Being left-handed
 66. Pandora
 67. Brand new journal with blank pages
 68. Fresh flowers
 69. The way my house smells after baking
 70. Laughing with my husband every day
 71. Having a great car that is family-ready
 72. Pre-lit Christmas trees
 73. Big bathtubs
 74. Spending holidays with family
 75. Heart rate monitor
 76. Great sports bras
 77. Cashmere
 78. Fresh, local ruby red grapefruit
 79. Being a creative thinker
 80. Living so close to my parents
 81. My normal (non-pregnant) figure
 82. Living in a safe community
 83. Making and wrapping homemade gifts
 84. Chocolate croissants
 85. GPS
 86. Mobile internet access
 87. Singing in my car
 88. Etta James and Norah Jones and Sarah Bareilles
 89. Good cries
 90. Candlelight
 91. Sunday afternoon two-hour naps
 92. Giant bath towels
 93. Flip-flops
 94. Optimism
 95. Moments when it’s clear how well my husband really knows me
 96. Valentine’s Day
 97. New shoes
 98. Spanx
 99. Insurance
 100. Love! The greatest of these is Love.

New Year's Eve cake with pink champagne icing. I'll post this recipe and source later in the week, but I must confess...John took this photo!

Hello! Welcome to 2011!

This is my year. My life is mine to make something of. I feel like I just landed my dream job and it starts today. A fresh, clean slate for me to write my new life story upon. An unformed lump of clay. This is going to be a very big year for me.  No more metaphors… this is what is really going on!

Most importantly, I’m expecting my first child. I’m 18 1/2  weeks along and we’ll be finding out whether we’re having a boy or a girl at our first ultrasound, in just 9 days!  I’ll be 33 when the baby is born, on or around May 31 this year.  I count my blessings, as pregnancy has been relatively easy for me, with mild nausea and nasal congestion being my biggest complaints, exhaustion and “baby brain” coming in second place. So far the biggest surprise about pregnancy is that I don’t walk around in a constant state of blissful anticipation. Life pretty much goes on as it always has, I’m just a little bigger and a little more out of breath. 

Except, life as I have known if for the past 6 years is about to change dramatically. Yesterday, Dec 31, 2010, was my last day of work. For good. I have “retired”, so to speak. Over the next few months, I will be changing my daily life so significantly, that I’ll wonder how I made it so long as a worker bee. I am determined to do and be the things that are important to me, and to fulfill the ideals I have held close to my heart though far out of practice for a very long time. 

The next few days will include posts with my lists, plans, and resolutions for my new life. I have big plans for myself, and I am setting out to take my new job very seriously. I am the architect of my own life, and I must take responsibility for crafting into the masterpiece it is destined to become!

It’s been one heck of a year. My life has changed dramatically and I am loving every minute of it. I’m working on my plans for 2011 as time keeps moving forward like a freight train. I feel exhiliarated, looking back at this whilrwind of a year, but more importantly, looking ahead to next year, and what I am considering my new brand new life.

This year went nothing like I thought it would, and yet, it was so much more than I could have imagined. While it’s a bit ironic that my last post here was in January and was looking ahead to the busy year I had planned, I’m still excited to do the same for next year.

Here are some of the amazing and exciting things that have happened in my life this year.  Part of my plans for 2011 include the scrapbooking for all of the great things that have happened in 2010, so plenty more details will be shared about these in the near future!

  • Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary
  • Ran a half marathon – without stopping!
  • Traveled to see my neice on the day she was born ~ missed the birth by just a few hours
  • Competed in a sprint triathlon, and beat my time for last year by over 30 minutes
  • Got pregnant! We’re expecting our first little one in early June 2011
  • Starting permantent maternity leave at at the end of this year, to become a stay at home mom

So many more amazing things happened this year, but I am not ready to spend the evening looking backward at them. I am busy looking forward to January 1, when I get to begin my new life, a great big empty slate just waiting for me to design it into the life I love. 

At the beginning of 2010, I had just compeleted a course on Big Picture Scrapbooking by Karen Grunberg. I loved the class, but found myself even more inspired by Karen’s blog, where she laid out her plans for 2010 so clearly and openly. Her list was daunting yet inspiring. I couldn’t imagine getting all of those things done, and she works full time (for Google, I might add!), and has 2 sons – the younger is just now 15 months old. I looked at her list and thought: wow.  And that was pretty much all I thought, becuase I couldn’t think anything else. I read her list(s) again: wow. Daily photo. Daily journal. Weekly gratitude journal. 52 new and inspiring things. Personal challenges like adding videos to her blog and reading a book a week! She seems like superwoman to me. 

I am not the type of person to look at her life and be jealous, discouraged, or overwhelmed. Instead, I am inspired. I can look at my growing list of things I want to do/learn/be, and I can look at Karen’s list and see her actually doing/learning/becoming the things on her lists. I don’t know how she fits it all in, but I am moved by her posts to look at my own life, and find where I can fit the things I want and remove the things I don’t need. 

In progress now: my list(s) for 2011.

Some things are not going as planned!  Work exploded with a big launch deadline – we worked a big day on Monday and then did over 13 hours on Tuesday, getting home around 10:30 PM to eat fast food in front of Biggest Loser season premiere. So, here’s my update:

  • Monday – Yoga class, 7:30 PM   worked until 8, did not attend
  • Tuesday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile  did not get up and go to gym in the morning
  • Wednesday – Spin, 7:00 AM  after work run, target 2.5 miles did not get to spin class today, but I DID manage to run 2.5 miles on the treadmill. YES! We’re heading to dinner with the inlaws now, so I don’t think I’ll be working out again tonight.
  • Thursday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile – we’ll see what time we wake up tomorrow
  • Friday – Rest (who needs rest – I haven’t worked out!) – I will be on a plane in the evening, but could work out in the morning
  • Saturday – Run, target 3 miles – I can still do this
  • Sunday – Beginners bike ride, 8:30 AM – will be traveling; taking workout clothes, probably change this to a run or swim

Not great! I will see what I can fit in the rest of the week. To summarize, so far this week I have run 2.5 miles.  One workout at a time!

While I don’t think the planner cover I did showcases any unique techniques, I did try out a few things I had not done before, and am pretty pleased with how they came out. I thought I’d show the process I followed while altering this cover.

I started with the cover already on the book. I was impatient. Also, I wasn’t aiming for perfection. I just wanted to cover up the existing title and give the book a ‘planner’ feel by adding some time elements.

First I painted white acrylic over the title and author areas. Then I added some turquoise paint (both MM). I remembered something about gel medium, and had never tried it before, so I just squirted a blob of it next to the teal paint blob, mixed them with the brush, and spread it out across the book. Then I grabbed my postmark stamp and inked it in black, and stamped it right in the semi-dry paint. I didn’t know what it would do, but the stamped image peeled the paint right off the cover, letting the original cover colors show through. Pretty cool!

Next I tried my cuckoo clock stamp (from StudioCalico’s Orchestra kit) using Tim Holtz’s distress ink in broken china. I knew I wanted a more distinct version of the clock, so I stamped it in red chalk ink (VersaMagic dewdrop) on white cardstock and cut it out. After giving the paint some time to dry, I tried stamping the cuckoo clock in black Staz-On ink, but the paint peeled right off. I love the effect! At this point I gave up and dried the paint with my embossing gun. Gel medium definitely keeps the paint wet longer! I added one more cuckoo in black after the paint was dry, and then added the red one on top using popup dots.

Next I made a quick mist out of water and cranberry alcohol ink, using a Mini Mister bottle, and added a big clock using Tim Holtz idea-ology mask. There was one other big rectangle postcard stamp, but I used distress ink, so it mostly ran all over the place when I misted.  The mist was pretty wet so I dried it again with my embossing gun to keep the speckled look and prevent all the misting from running together. Once dry, I added another postmark stamp using black soot. It came out great – the color is a nice, deep black.

I also prepped some cute numbers for the year while the cover cooled down a bit.

To finish up, I mounted a few of Tim Holtz’s idea-ology spinners onto a Heidi Swapp ghost clock, and added it to the cover with popup dots. To prevent the year from falling off the cover, I sealed the numbers on using Paper Glaze. I also added a bit more red with two extra Postcard stamps, and three more Postmark stamps in black soot. The back cover is still in progress! I may continue adding a bit to the front cover. If I do, I’ll be sure to post new pics. Having my own custom planner is so fun!

One last fun thing – it turns out that Pantone named Turquoise the color of the year for 2010! 

I took a risk this year and decided to start my planner on Monday instead of Sunday. I’ve been working with an internationally based team of developers for a few years now, so I’ve gotten used to the Monday-start week, which seems to be common everywhere but here in the U.S. (much like the metric system). At work we’ve changed our budget reports and reporting time periods to run Mon-Sun, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to make the change in my personal life. The only anomaly will be my wall calendar, which already had the days of the week printed on it (in US format). That being said, I’m settling in tonight with a chocolate kefir smoothie and looking at my week ahead: the first FULL week of 2010. (!!!)

On Sunday nights, I’ll be sharing my plans for the week, which should always include training goals, as well as any other fun plans I’ve made, like a new recipe to try or which projects I’ll be working on. One of my goals this year is to do a triathlon, so my training schedule is really important to me, and I need to maintain it in order to be ready for the race when the time comes. Hopefully it will be much different from last year!

This week, my goal is to get started, maintain enough sleep, and get in the habit of working out. My paces will be slow and easy, just trying to get started and warm up!

Monday – Yoga class, 7:30 PM
Tuesday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile
Wednesday – Spin, 7:00 AM; after work run, target 2.5 miles
Thursday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile
Friday – Rest 🙂
Saturday – Run, target 3 miles 
Sunday – Beginners bike ride, 8:30 AM

In the world of creativity and paper crafting, I’ll be targeting these projects:

Artist Trading Card for P52
Circle Journey layout
Getting my Wedding Album format decided on and gathering all the parts – goal is to complete a page a week this year
Find a photo of myself that I like to finish my January calendar page
Choose a format for P12 and design the cover page
Make two cards (a friend is pregnant and my dad’s birthday is coming)
Continue taking a photo every day for P365

And for writing, I plan on continuing to post daily. That should keep me pretty busy. I have a feeling most of the fun stuff will wait until the weekend, with work and working out taking the priority during the week. Seems ambitious. But … She ignored those who said it couldn’t be done! (Kobi Yamada)

I woke up today and was still madly in love with this gorgeous planner! I may have to add just a bit more. Some say I don’t know when to stop… but occasionally I do make simple designs with more white space. My life is busy though, so I feel much more inspired by the busy and crazy feeling of this cover. Anyway! I wanted to share what the inside of my planner looks like, and share my inspiration and resources.

First and foremost….Lucky me, Mom got me a Bind-it-All for Christmas!! Woohooo!  I love this thing. I will be binding everything. I feel it’s aptly named! I created this still life arrangement to express how I feel about my new tool.

On to the inside of the planner. I was inspired by the Flickr gallery for DIY Planner, where I saw amazing stuff:

All I Want for Christmas Is a Camera and a Moleskine: End of Year Planner Update. by True Redhead Notepad by 小卷子_organizer 5 by paperboatcaptain organizer 6 by paperboatcaptain

The last two photos are by paperboatcaptain who credited Amanda Hawkins for the page templates. Amanda has her own gallery of DIY organizers she has designed, as well as a colorful blog named Ahhh-Design and offers free downloads of her planners in different sizes.  I love her style and the edgy, messy way the pages are drawn. I was about to download the entire 4×6 size for 2010, when I saw a beautiful image in her sidebar:

The image took me to Erinzam’s blog.  I got lost in the great photos and tutorials on her blog for about half an hour before remembering I was looking for her planner.  I’ll be going back for more bookbinding inspiration. I did pick up a cool library pocket template (free download!) while I was there!  She made this planner as a gift (Lucky recipient!). After some poking around, I figured out Erin is selling the blank planner pages for only 10 bucks on her Etsy store. I was sold. The template arrived in my email in less than an hour!

I quickly got to work printing, chopping, and hole punching. 13 months, 52 weeks, and about 5 pages for notes. Then I started customizing. Using a really cool free download of Kingthings Typewriter font, I typed out a few important personalizations to my planner. I wouldn’t go to all the trouble of making my own planner if I was just going to use it as a daytimer. To keep all of my resolutions on track, I needed a weekly checklist to remind me of all my ‘assignments’, and I wanted it printed on every single week. I decided to print the checklist on the back of every week page, along with another page for notes and extras that I might want to document. I did the same for the months, to keep myself on task.

The stack ended up being much larger than my 3/4″ rings, and I didn’t have a cover yet. Here’s a size comparison. Finished book on left; 3/4″ rings on the right.


Enter an old book that I am no longer using, but had tossed into my ‘paper pile’ to tear out the ledger sheets for scrapbooking. It was perfect! I pried open the rings and saved the covers for altering. A recycled book, yay!

The book had 2 holes more than my planner, so I cut off the extra rings and centered the pages. I’ll tie ribbon or something fun in the extra holes.

Inside of the book, and my cover page. There is extra room on the right. I’ll be adding pen holders or some other fun things to fill the space.

 Month page by Erinzam. The printouts are in black and teal, and include the little bird, the parentheses, and the days of the week. I added the month, year, and dates for each month.


This is the weekly page by Erinzam. Again, the parentheses are included, and the black circle for the date with the day of the week. I added the month and dates, and at Erin’s recommendation, also filled in the phase of the moon. Her template provides a cute dotted circle to the left of each date to make it easy.

The remaining pages are my custom additions. This Thoughts page is printed on the back of each left-side week page, so I see it before I see the week.

 The Weekly Accomplishments page is printed on the back of each right-side week page, so I see it after the week is finished. I’ll use it as a checklist to make sure I’m doing all the things I need to get done each week. I use a similar list on the Monthly pages.

This special list is on the back of each right-side month page. I added events and specific goals here where applicable, and then added plenty of lines to fill in later. I also decorated these pages using the free circle months digital download from Karenika.

Finally, here are a few of my 2010 Resolutions. A full post on these will come next week.

Happy New Year!

I absolutely love the start of a new year. I get excited about it mid-December and start dreaming up all the wonderful things I’m going to do next year. I feel so motivated and inspired by the opportunity to start something new, to give myself a deadline, and to add new habits that I can *hopefully* say that I did for 365 days at the end of next year. I feel more motivated to think, create, exercise, experiment, investigate, reach out, and look inward than any other time of the year. This year I have set a big list of goals for myself, and while some call them ambitious or simply too much  (…ahem… MOM!), I don’t feel the least bit overwhelmed by them. At least not yet!


The beauty of my New Year’s goals list is that it’s MY list, and if MY life gets too busy, and my priorities change, then I get to change the list. Maybe some people get turned off by the idea of resolutions because they get so caught up in the pressure. I’m really used to pressure. My life is crazy and intense pretty much all the time. I constantly give myself permission to say no, to reduce obligations, and to cut my to-do list in half – or just tear it up – if my work life or personal life gets too heavy to accomodate it. The part I like so much about resolutions is that you get all dang year to figure out how to do them. So, let’s say I want to run a half marathon (because I do!), and the first one I picked is in late March. And let’s say I get a completely different and better opportunity that comes up (trip to Norway that weekend), or something not so great happens (sprain my ankle and can’t run), or something AWESOME happens (I get pregnant?)… am I going to mope around because I didn’t get to do that half marathon? Nope. I’m opportunistic. There are more races much later in the year, and if the baby thing happens … then there are races next year and the year after! Seriously – who would be upset that they couldn’t run because they were going to have a baby!!?


My list of goals is big and I am going to need a plan if I’m going to get it all accomplished. I felt excited to write everything down and start scheduling how I could get it all done… which means I needed a Planner! So this morning I woke up and decided, “I’m going to make a planner today.”  It has taken me all day, but I absolutely love it.  Do you ever finish a project, and when you step back to look at it, you just feel overwhelmed by how AWESOME it is?! That doesn’t happen to me often, but today it did. The back cover isn’t finished, but here is the front.
Tomorrow I’ll post the interior pics and the details of how this gorgeous work of art by my inner control freak came to fruition. I hope you are excited about the new year. Twenty Ten is going to be such a fabulous, exciting, unbelievable year. Plus…everyone I know is pregnant! That always means things are going to be wonderful! What could be more wonderful than babies.

I’m sitting at Starbucks while John is meeting with a client. I’m experiencing a wonderful deja vu from about 3 years ago. I was sitting at Starbucks at 6th and Congress, in downtown Austin. John and I had come to town for the day so he could meet a client who needed our help. The outcome of the meeting was going to determine whether we would be moving to Austin, changing our business model, and essentially taking a massive series of steps down a path that we were merely considering traveling down. There are so many details about that day, that I remember so clearly! But mostly I remember my nervous excitement. I wanted to be so supportive for John, preparing myself to give him the response he would need based on the outcome of the meeting. Would they balk at his hourly rate? Would they like him? Would he be too young? The meeting lasted forever, and I sat at Starbucks with his laptop, wondering what he was doing, but trying to occupy my thoughts. I realized that day, while waiting eagerly for the outcome, that my role was changing in John’s life, and that it didn’t matter so much what the outcome was, as long as I was supportive and positive. I had to be ready to be consoling but not patronizing if the news was bad, but I also had to be 100% committed to the wild ride ahead of us if the news was good. I had to put all of my faith in him, and his ability to make a decision for us and for our future, and to believe that if he felt this new venture was going to be a good fit for us, we were going to take it, together.

Our outcome that day was amazing. During the three or four hours I sat at Starbucks, our lives were changed. One week later we had found an apartment, packed our few essentials and transplanted ourselves to Austin. We signed a 6 month lease, not sure if we the new client would work out, not sure if we would stay in Austin. Looking back, it was an incredible leap of faith. He was only my boyfriend at the time, and we had only been together for 2 years. I didn’t meet the client before we made the move. I had to trust him and his judgement so much. And I am so glad that I did.

Today I find myself in a strangely similar situation. I feel a little nervous, very excited, and eager for John to come back to pick me up at Starbucks and tell me great news. I expect great things. I know the universe has great stuff in store for us. Today might not be the day, but I feel that it is. I feel the excitement of big changes underfoot. I feel the anticipation of the new life, the huge steps down the path we were only considering traveling on. We are at one of those crossroads again, where the right decision or relationship or opportunity can propel us into the future down any one of those paths.

I started to feel uneasy for a bit, wondering why I hadn’t heard from him yet, wondering how things were going at his big meeting. Then I looked down at my cup, and saw the message on the sleeve. And remembered my history of waiting, at Starbucks, for great big news to be delivered.  So fart it’s only been an hour and a half. I guess if the news was bad, it would take less time to reveal it. So I’m getting excited. The longer the wait…the bigger and better I am thinking the news will be. And lucky me! I have a 3 hour drive back to Austin to hear all the details. Just like three years ago, when we had the drive back to Houston to talk about every nuance of the conversations that changed our lives.


She designed a life she loved! -Kobi Yamada

What am I doing?


Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are probably right. -Henry Ford