The most exciting news: we’re going to have a baby girl (!!!!!).  Monday morning at 7:45 we had our sonogram, and while I can’t believe 4 days have passed since then, I feel like time has been both standing still and rushing past.

From the moment I saw that little girl on the screen, flipping around and grabbing her toes up over her head, my whole world changed. This was my first time to see the little one, since we decided not to do an early dating sonogram at 7-9 weeks. I was overcome with emotion, tears streaming down my cheek as I lifted my head slightly off the table to see the screen better. It wasn’t a surprise that a baby was there… I already knew that.

She is perfectly formed, from her fingers and toes to the four chambers of her heart.  I had been fearful that there would be something terribly wrong, that the tech would leave to get the doctor to deliver devastating news, that the kicking I thought I had been feeling wasn’t the baby moving at all.  But to my delight and relief, she is just right. Everything in the right place, the right size, and looking like it’s doing its job.  As she kicked and squirmed on the screen, my resistance melted, and I surrendered to allowing myself to fully know and love and become attached to this beautiful new life growing inside me.

My husband dropped me off at home after our appointment, and he went to work. I then proceeded to go slightly crazy. I’ve spent the past four days in planning frenzy, trying to make decisions about our baby’s name, the design of the nursery, whether we are going to stay in our apartment or move to a house to have more space and a separate room for baby, what do we need to buy, where will we register, what part of town should we live in, what is the safest car seat, do I need to get my brakes checked, and all sorts of other seemingly urgent and important things this soon-to-be first time mom needs to have taken care of right now!  Some people might call this the nesting urge, but I’ve heard that’s more of a sudden need to detail clean your bookshelves and purge the fridge in the last few weeks before the baby arrives. This is more of an “oh my goodness I haven’t done anything yet and I need to do it all right now!” feeling.

I’m honestly a bit surprised it is Thursday. To make me sound like less of a crazy sweatpants lady who doesn’t leave the house, I have the excuse that I’m dog-sitting at my parents (and may or may not have been wearing yoga pants all day and not have left the house, but who would know that?).  Tomorrow I plan to get back on track with my daily goals that I’m able to do remotely, along with starting my normal posts again. Funny how pregnancy can derail plans. The important part is getting back on the plan.

In other fun news, and to catch up on the updates missed from earlier this week:

  • Exercise update – I went to prenatal yoga twice again this week and loved it. I found a new 10:30 AM class that really suits me. I also met a cool mom there and hope to continue to get to know her! I’m excited that yoga has led me to possible friendships.
  • Daily goals are kaput for the past 3 days, but I’ll be back on it tomorrow.
  •  And From the Hearth, I made great progress on both my craft room and my closet, but am not 100% finished with them. I’ll be ready to take pics and post the updates next week!