Playing with words and symbols for 2011. First attempt at "hearth" is not centered... the last letter ran right off the page.

I’ve seen lots of other bloggers (not just Karenika, even though she did it too!) choose a “Word for the Year.” I like the concept and decided to try it this year. Instead of looking for the right word, I wrote down some general statements of how I want to feel and what I want to have accomplished by the end of the year.  These statements are purposely written as though they already happened, or I already feel that way, following the “act as if” guidelines for achieving goals. 

My focus for 2011:  

  • Our home is a clean, tidy, beautiful place where I love to be, create, read, cook nourishing meals, spend quality time with John, have friends and family over, raise our family, and a place I am proud of. 
  • My life is grounded in a steady and predictable routine that keeps us nourished and provides a foundation to build on with meaningful experiences and memories. 
  • I joyfully care for my home and family, making our home beautiful, caring for my family in seen and unseen ways. 
  • My inner longings are fulfilled as I express my creativity, feel the calmness of organization and preparedness, and experience my slow and unhurried natural rhythm. 
  • I have found health, emotionally and physically, through nourishing food, regular exercise, being outdoors, reducing stress and other toxins, following nature’s cycles and predictable changes, practicing meditation, and feeding my creative spirit through regular practice and expression.
  • The memories and expressions are documented and shared, extending the hearth, and inviting everyone to come sit by it. 

After writing the last line, I knew my word for the year would be HEARTH.  This is a little cheesy, but I love the fact that Hearth includes the words Art, Earth, and Heart within it.

My main word for this year: Hearth
Other words that support my goals:

Symbols for this year:  Hearth/Fireplace
Other symbols that could represent my goals and sub-words:
green pea; sprouts
{create – couldn’t come up with one, any suggestions?}
flower bud

Knowing and understanding these goals, what is my daily focus going to be?
+ Having a routine that helps achieve these goals, knowing that routine, in itself, is a goal.

How will my blog schedule reflect progress on  these goals?
+ Posts will occur on a predictable, rhythmic schedule
+ Posts will focus on my the projects I’ve chosen to achieve each goal.

Weekly Posts that support my goals:
Monday: Pregnancy Journal and Pregnancy updates
Tuesday: What I’m Eating / Cooking; Exercise/Movement updates
Wednesday: Daily Goals Progress Report
Thursday: Mission Organization; Home progress report “from the hearth” 
Friday: Weekly crafting project, or What I did with Mom this week! (not a scrapbook page)
Saturday: Scrapbooking page for this week (could be from Wedding album in progress, classes I’m taking, calendar page, etc)
Sunday: Book Review

Daily Posts:
One of my goals this year is to post daily. Just by following the schedule above, I will have daily posts. Here are a few additional things I am doing daily, though I have not yet decided if I’m going to post these every day or wait and compile them weekly. It seems like a lot to cover it all in one day, so I’ll revisit this at the end of January. I am currently doing the following things daily:

  • Daily Sketch/Weekly Art Journal – My daily sketches are just ideas and playing around in my sketchbook. Once a week I will do something a little more intensive, using other products and not just my pen and watercolor pencils. 
  • Daily Gratitude – I’m doing this on the left-hand side of my sketchbook, facing the right side page with the sketch on it for that day. I can also jot down notes or thoughts because there is plenty of room. 
  • Daily Photo – I’m also considering signing up for the BPS Manual Mode class with Elisha Snow.  *I accidentally left our camera at my mother-in-law’s house on New Year’s Day. I should be getting it back in a few days and be able to start taking photos again!
  • Daily Routine – I’m following the Fly Lady. If you don’t know who she is, I’ll post more about her on Wednesday. I’m also reading Steady Days, and a lot of the concepts are similar between the two. More updates on this to come!