New Year's Eve cake with pink champagne icing. I'll post this recipe and source later in the week, but I must confess...John took this photo!

Hello! Welcome to 2011!

This is my year. My life is mine to make something of. I feel like I just landed my dream job and it starts today. A fresh, clean slate for me to write my new life story upon. An unformed lump of clay. This is going to be a very big year for me.  No more metaphors… this is what is really going on!

Most importantly, I’m expecting my first child. I’m 18 1/2  weeks along and we’ll be finding out whether we’re having a boy or a girl at our first ultrasound, in just 9 days!  I’ll be 33 when the baby is born, on or around May 31 this year.  I count my blessings, as pregnancy has been relatively easy for me, with mild nausea and nasal congestion being my biggest complaints, exhaustion and “baby brain” coming in second place. So far the biggest surprise about pregnancy is that I don’t walk around in a constant state of blissful anticipation. Life pretty much goes on as it always has, I’m just a little bigger and a little more out of breath. 

Except, life as I have known if for the past 6 years is about to change dramatically. Yesterday, Dec 31, 2010, was my last day of work. For good. I have “retired”, so to speak. Over the next few months, I will be changing my daily life so significantly, that I’ll wonder how I made it so long as a worker bee. I am determined to do and be the things that are important to me, and to fulfill the ideals I have held close to my heart though far out of practice for a very long time. 

The next few days will include posts with my lists, plans, and resolutions for my new life. I have big plans for myself, and I am setting out to take my new job very seriously. I am the architect of my own life, and I must take responsibility for crafting into the masterpiece it is destined to become!