Some things are not going as planned!  Work exploded with a big launch deadline – we worked a big day on Monday and then did over 13 hours on Tuesday, getting home around 10:30 PM to eat fast food in front of Biggest Loser season premiere. So, here’s my update:

  • Monday – Yoga class, 7:30 PM   worked until 8, did not attend
  • Tuesday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile  did not get up and go to gym in the morning
  • Wednesday – Spin, 7:00 AM  after work run, target 2.5 miles did not get to spin class today, but I DID manage to run 2.5 miles on the treadmill. YES! We’re heading to dinner with the inlaws now, so I don’t think I’ll be working out again tonight.
  • Thursday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile – we’ll see what time we wake up tomorrow
  • Friday – Rest (who needs rest – I haven’t worked out!) – I will be on a plane in the evening, but could work out in the morning
  • Saturday – Run, target 3 miles – I can still do this
  • Sunday – Beginners bike ride, 8:30 AM – will be traveling; taking workout clothes, probably change this to a run or swim

Not great! I will see what I can fit in the rest of the week. To summarize, so far this week I have run 2.5 miles.  One workout at a time!