I took a risk this year and decided to start my planner on Monday instead of Sunday. I’ve been working with an internationally based team of developers for a few years now, so I’ve gotten used to the Monday-start week, which seems to be common everywhere but here in the U.S. (much like the metric system). At work we’ve changed our budget reports and reporting time periods to run Mon-Sun, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to make the change in my personal life. The only anomaly will be my wall calendar, which already had the days of the week printed on it (in US format). That being said, I’m settling in tonight with a chocolate kefir smoothie and looking at my week ahead: the first FULL week of 2010. (!!!)

On Sunday nights, I’ll be sharing my plans for the week, which should always include training goals, as well as any other fun plans I’ve made, like a new recipe to try or which projects I’ll be working on. One of my goals this year is to do a triathlon, so my training schedule is really important to me, and I need to maintain it in order to be ready for the race when the time comes. Hopefully it will be much different from last year!

This week, my goal is to get started, maintain enough sleep, and get in the habit of working out. My paces will be slow and easy, just trying to get started and warm up!

Monday – Yoga class, 7:30 PM
Tuesday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile
Wednesday – Spin, 7:00 AM; after work run, target 2.5 miles
Thursday – Swim, 7:30 AM, target 1/2 mile
Friday – Rest 🙂
Saturday – Run, target 3 miles 
Sunday – Beginners bike ride, 8:30 AM

In the world of creativity and paper crafting, I’ll be targeting these projects:

Artist Trading Card for P52
Circle Journey layout
Getting my Wedding Album format decided on and gathering all the parts – goal is to complete a page a week this year
Find a photo of myself that I like to finish my January calendar page
Choose a format for P12 and design the cover page
Make two cards (a friend is pregnant and my dad’s birthday is coming)
Continue taking a photo every day for P365

And for writing, I plan on continuing to post daily. That should keep me pretty busy. I have a feeling most of the fun stuff will wait until the weekend, with work and working out taking the priority during the week. Seems ambitious. But … She ignored those who said it couldn’t be done! (Kobi Yamada)