I woke up today and was still madly in love with this gorgeous planner! I may have to add just a bit more. Some say I don’t know when to stop… but occasionally I do make simple designs with more white space. My life is busy though, so I feel much more inspired by the busy and crazy feeling of this cover. Anyway! I wanted to share what the inside of my planner looks like, and share my inspiration and resources.

First and foremost….Lucky me, Mom got me a Bind-it-All for Christmas!! Woohooo!  I love this thing. I will be binding everything. I feel it’s aptly named! I created this still life arrangement to express how I feel about my new tool.

On to the inside of the planner. I was inspired by the Flickr gallery for DIY Planner, where I saw amazing stuff:

All I Want for Christmas Is a Camera and a Moleskine: End of Year Planner Update. by True Redhead Notepad by 小卷子_organizer 5 by paperboatcaptain organizer 6 by paperboatcaptain

The last two photos are by paperboatcaptain who credited Amanda Hawkins for the page templates. Amanda has her own gallery of DIY organizers she has designed, as well as a colorful blog named Ahhh-Design and offers free downloads of her planners in different sizes.  I love her style and the edgy, messy way the pages are drawn. I was about to download the entire 4×6 size for 2010, when I saw a beautiful image in her sidebar:

The image took me to Erinzam’s blog.  I got lost in the great photos and tutorials on her blog for about half an hour before remembering I was looking for her planner.  I’ll be going back for more bookbinding inspiration. I did pick up a cool library pocket template (free download!) while I was there!  She made this planner as a gift (Lucky recipient!). After some poking around, I figured out Erin is selling the blank planner pages for only 10 bucks on her Etsy store. I was sold. The template arrived in my email in less than an hour!

I quickly got to work printing, chopping, and hole punching. 13 months, 52 weeks, and about 5 pages for notes. Then I started customizing. Using a really cool free download of Kingthings Typewriter font, I typed out a few important personalizations to my planner. I wouldn’t go to all the trouble of making my own planner if I was just going to use it as a daytimer. To keep all of my resolutions on track, I needed a weekly checklist to remind me of all my ‘assignments’, and I wanted it printed on every single week. I decided to print the checklist on the back of every week page, along with another page for notes and extras that I might want to document. I did the same for the months, to keep myself on task.

The stack ended up being much larger than my 3/4″ rings, and I didn’t have a cover yet. Here’s a size comparison. Finished book on left; 3/4″ rings on the right.


Enter an old book that I am no longer using, but had tossed into my ‘paper pile’ to tear out the ledger sheets for scrapbooking. It was perfect! I pried open the rings and saved the covers for altering. A recycled book, yay!

The book had 2 holes more than my planner, so I cut off the extra rings and centered the pages. I’ll tie ribbon or something fun in the extra holes.

Inside of the book, and my cover page. There is extra room on the right. I’ll be adding pen holders or some other fun things to fill the space.

 Month page by Erinzam. The printouts are in black and teal, and include the little bird, the parentheses, and the days of the week. I added the month, year, and dates for each month.


This is the weekly page by Erinzam. Again, the parentheses are included, and the black circle for the date with the day of the week. I added the month and dates, and at Erin’s recommendation, also filled in the phase of the moon. Her template provides a cute dotted circle to the left of each date to make it easy.

The remaining pages are my custom additions. This Thoughts page is printed on the back of each left-side week page, so I see it before I see the week.

 The Weekly Accomplishments page is printed on the back of each right-side week page, so I see it after the week is finished. I’ll use it as a checklist to make sure I’m doing all the things I need to get done each week. I use a similar list on the Monthly pages.

This special list is on the back of each right-side month page. I added events and specific goals here where applicable, and then added plenty of lines to fill in later. I also decorated these pages using the free circle months digital download from Karenika.

Finally, here are a few of my 2010 Resolutions. A full post on these will come next week.