Happy New Year!

I absolutely love the start of a new year. I get excited about it mid-December and start dreaming up all the wonderful things I’m going to do next year. I feel so motivated and inspired by the opportunity to start something new, to give myself a deadline, and to add new habits that I can *hopefully* say that I did for 365 days at the end of next year. I feel more motivated to think, create, exercise, experiment, investigate, reach out, and look inward than any other time of the year. This year I have set a big list of goals for myself, and while some call them ambitious or simply too much  (…ahem… MOM!), I don’t feel the least bit overwhelmed by them. At least not yet!


The beauty of my New Year’s goals list is that it’s MY list, and if MY life gets too busy, and my priorities change, then I get to change the list. Maybe some people get turned off by the idea of resolutions because they get so caught up in the pressure. I’m really used to pressure. My life is crazy and intense pretty much all the time. I constantly give myself permission to say no, to reduce obligations, and to cut my to-do list in half – or just tear it up – if my work life or personal life gets too heavy to accomodate it. The part I like so much about resolutions is that you get all dang year to figure out how to do them. So, let’s say I want to run a half marathon (because I do!), and the first one I picked is in late March. And let’s say I get a completely different and better opportunity that comes up (trip to Norway that weekend), or something not so great happens (sprain my ankle and can’t run), or something AWESOME happens (I get pregnant?)… am I going to mope around because I didn’t get to do that half marathon? Nope. I’m opportunistic. There are more races much later in the year, and if the baby thing happens … then there are races next year and the year after! Seriously – who would be upset that they couldn’t run because they were going to have a baby!!?


My list of goals is big and I am going to need a plan if I’m going to get it all accomplished. I felt excited to write everything down and start scheduling how I could get it all done… which means I needed a Planner! So this morning I woke up and decided, “I’m going to make a planner today.”  It has taken me all day, but I absolutely love it.  Do you ever finish a project, and when you step back to look at it, you just feel overwhelmed by how AWESOME it is?! That doesn’t happen to me often, but today it did. The back cover isn’t finished, but here is the front.
Tomorrow I’ll post the interior pics and the details of how this gorgeous work of art by my inner control freak came to fruition. I hope you are excited about the new year. Twenty Ten is going to be such a fabulous, exciting, unbelievable year. Plus…everyone I know is pregnant! That always means things are going to be wonderful! What could be more wonderful than babies.