I’m sitting at Starbucks while John is meeting with a client. I’m experiencing a wonderful deja vu from about 3 years ago. I was sitting at Starbucks at 6th and Congress, in downtown Austin. John and I had come to town for the day so he could meet a client who needed our help. The outcome of the meeting was going to determine whether we would be moving to Austin, changing our business model, and essentially taking a massive series of steps down a path that we were merely considering traveling down. There are so many details about that day, that I remember so clearly! But mostly I remember my nervous excitement. I wanted to be so supportive for John, preparing myself to give him the response he would need based on the outcome of the meeting. Would they balk at his hourly rate? Would they like him? Would he be too young? The meeting lasted forever, and I sat at Starbucks with his laptop, wondering what he was doing, but trying to occupy my thoughts. I realized that day, while waiting eagerly for the outcome, that my role was changing in John’s life, and that it didn’t matter so much what the outcome was, as long as I was supportive and positive. I had to be ready to be consoling but not patronizing if the news was bad, but I also had to be 100% committed to the wild ride ahead of us if the news was good. I had to put all of my faith in him, and his ability to make a decision for us and for our future, and to believe that if he felt this new venture was going to be a good fit for us, we were going to take it, together.

Our outcome that day was amazing. During the three or four hours I sat at Starbucks, our lives were changed. One week later we had found an apartment, packed our few essentials and transplanted ourselves to Austin. We signed a 6 month lease, not sure if we the new client would work out, not sure if we would stay in Austin. Looking back, it was an incredible leap of faith. He was only my boyfriend at the time, and we had only been together for 2 years. I didn’t meet the client before we made the move. I had to trust him and his judgement so much. And I am so glad that I did.

Today I find myself in a strangely similar situation. I feel a little nervous, very excited, and eager for John to come back to pick me up at Starbucks and tell me great news. I expect great things. I know the universe has great stuff in store for us. Today might not be the day, but I feel that it is. I feel the excitement of big changes underfoot. I feel the anticipation of the new life, the huge steps down the path we were only considering traveling on. We are at one of those crossroads again, where the right decision or relationship or opportunity can propel us into the future down any one of those paths.

I started to feel uneasy for a bit, wondering why I hadn’t heard from him yet, wondering how things were going at his big meeting. Then I looked down at my cup, and saw the message on the sleeve. And remembered my history of waiting, at Starbucks, for great big news to be delivered.  So fart it’s only been an hour and a half. I guess if the news was bad, it would take less time to reveal it. So I’m getting excited. The longer the wait…the bigger and better I am thinking the news will be. And lucky me! I have a 3 hour drive back to Austin to hear all the details. Just like three years ago, when we had the drive back to Houston to talk about every nuance of the conversations that changed our lives.