A friend of mine is having a baby shower on Saturday. She’s having twins!! I decided to make her a nursing cover. I used a combination of all the free online patterns, but made mine much bigger. Most call for just over a half yard of fabric, but I used the majority of a yard. Modesty is good, plus I just love the fabric, so More = Better!

I thought it came out beautifully but really wanted to see how it would look “in use”. Here are a few pics of me pretending to nurse an invisible baby. Of course, that’s just my other arm with my hand in a fist to simulate the roundness of a baby’s head against the nursing cover. Yes, weird. I know.

I’m sure John thinks I’m a little nuts. I also ordered a Sleepy Wrap for my friend, which arrived at the office today. You should have heard what John said when he opened that! It was addressed to him after all. He wasn’t thrilled, to say the lease.  Come on…  I’m trying to be subtle. (sort of).

I did buy myself a new book last week. And some raw milk. And some cod liver oil. Can anyone figure out the name of this book, even though it’s so cleverly obscured by my milk glass?