A few weeks ago, I became a “finisher” of the Sweet & Twisted Triathlon here in Austin. It was great fun, though I admit it was REALLY hard due to my lack of preparation. I slept the entire afternoon afterwards, and couldn’t have been happier with my performance and time, considering the stress, time not spent in training, and consideration of actually skipping the event. I’m proud that I did it, and look forward to training more and competing in several Tris next year. I’m also hoping to find one if not several committed training partner. I’ve had several close friends and family comment the exact same comment, “Wow, I’d love to do a tri with you!” And I encourage each of them individually that I would LOVE to train with them and have a partner who would help me get my self out of bed on the occassional day that I don’t feel like getting up.  Quite the rare occurence, as evidenced by my extensive training prep for this event.

Here’s an awesome not-flattering shot of me getting ready for the swim start. I’m lacking the ripped up body I had envisioned. You should have seen the girl who modeled the bright red tri-suit created by Red Licorice, the host company for the event.  I wasn’t tempted, for even a second, to buy that small, tight, outfit. Maybe next year?

A great action shot on the bike.  It was nice of them to provide a downhill right before the photo area!

And crossing the finish line, at a slow trot.

The finish line is funny.  You get attacked by a bunch of volunteers at once. One person hands you a logo towel, soaked in ice water. It was sooooo nice to get that cold towel! Another volunteer puts a Finisher medal over your head, and a third pulls your time chip velcro strap off your ankle before you really know what’s happening. I was thankful someone else did that, because I couldn’t have reached my ankle without falling over.

In summary, here are the before and after shots. My co-participant here is Esther, a coworker and occassional training partner. The day before the race we did a trial run for our race outfits, completing a mini swim-bike-run to make sure we had all the gear we needed and felt comfortable in our new attire. I learned that I needed to wear the strap from my heart rate monitor becuase my new sports bra is not tight enough to hold it in place. Good thing to find out!

Before, in the Charlies’ Angels pose.