Happy Saturday! I’ve been running around a bit crazy over the past several weeks. Lots of fun things have happened, including crafts, birthdays, a trip to Vegas, and some new food discoveries. I’m planning to update soon with lots of new posts as I finally found the special little USB connector with a media card slot and was able to put my photos on my laptop! 

Here in Austin, we finally got a break from 100 degree weather and (HOORAY!) have been getting rain for about a week! We were in a water crisis, conservation stage 2, and I can’t fathom the impact on farmers of crops, chickens, and grass-fed dairy/beef. No one’s grass has been growing! The rain is great for a million reasons, not the least of which is how relaxed it makes me feel.  Last nights rain kept me sleeping until 11:00 today – ahem, no, we don’t have any children yet! – and now the rain continues to make me want to stay inside, baking things that are warm and smell delicious.

Things I am doing so far to celebrate fall:

  • Wearing my new trench and using my red and yellow flower umbrella. To be honest, the trench is from a Spring 09 collection, which I bought mid-summer on sale. But the trench styling is timeless so I would never consider it to be ‘last season’! I’m so glad to finally be able to wear it, even though it’s not chilly yet and I’m just using it as a raincoat.
  • Changed from summer french pedicure to a bright purple color!  Ate berries in the Canaries by OPI
  • Made a yummy fruit crisp with just a few simple ingredients – very ripe fruit sitting on my counter, a stick of butter, a few handfuls of oats, some muscovado, and crispy almonds (Nourishing Traditions recipe)
  • Bought local Texas sunflowers for the house!
  • Picked up organic seasonal produce from Whole Foods, including butternut squash, an eggplant, a bunch of beautiful apples, and peaches bigger than softballs!
  • Reading Martha Stewart’s Halloween magazine

I’m about to take off and bake up a storm in my kitchen. Before I go, here are a few random notes. For breakfast, I cooked up a pretty good (and quick) natural feast for my hubby and me. We had scrambled eggs from a local pasture farmer, sprouted grain toast with lots of pastture butter – topped with almond butter that I mixed with a bit of raw honey, and a sliced kiwi.  I’m home from my Whole Foods trip, unpacking groceries, and rinsing out eggshells for my vegan friend who is starting a compost pile, and sketching out a meal plan for the coming week.

Happy Fall!