Friendly critter startled me as it scurried across my bedroom floor this evening. This is the tail end of it, after John trapped it under a glass.


Moved to the kitchen tabble, crazy looking.

What are you?

Trying to escape, this little guy could climb almost completely up the side of the glass. The photo does not capture his acrobatic style very well. There is a quareter for size comparison, but I couldn’t get an accurate top-down view. The little guy was probably 6 inches long.


While I shrieked from the bed for John to come here, and watched this thing burrow under a pile of dirty clothes, I recalled several other encounters with unusual insects during my stay at the Gables.

First there was the scorpion, in my bed, which stung my leg. Several other scorpions have been discovered, captured, and flushed, since we moved into this apartment three years ago. This was my first. I took him to the Apartment office inside a tupperware container. hehe


We also recently found a tarantula outside. The pics are not great, taken from a cell phone, but they do show the spider shape and size pretty well.



By the way, it’s been over 100 degrees here for like a month. Anyone itching to move to Texas? Don’t put your bed on the floor, and always check your shoes before you put them on.