It’s Saturday and I think I’m falling a bit under the weather. 😦 Boo! I felt the beginnings of mild congestion and achiness about 2 days ago but thought I could probably shake it. Yesterday was a little better, then by last night… I could tell I was beginning to succumb to the unavoidable result of too much work and stress (as well as direct contact with flu bugs due to hubby arriving home from New York with a cold). So this morning, I was feeling a bit blah.

My alarm went off at 8, but I turned it off and chose not to go for a run. I am convinced that a good sweat helps kill off the sick stuff, as long as it is accompanied by enough sleep afterwards, but my body disagreed with my brain and went back to sleep.  By 10, I got out of bed and had some Chai Yerba Mate, and a tiny slice of the Hazelnut Shortbread (Nourishing Traditions recipe) I made last week. I’ll post pics and recipe soon. Well, around noon I got to feeling a little hungry but was feeling the ick of being sick. I was trying to decide what would be the best thing to eat to help myself feel better and get well!  I thought: I need healthy fats (lots) and chicken stock.  It just seems like the right thing to eat. I probably need vitamin C as well, but I don’t have any pills.

I settled on a big bowl of Cream of Veg soup (also from NT) with a generous dollop of sour cream, and one of those delicious mounds candies full of nutritious coconut oil. I also took 2 Cod Liver Oil pills and got a glass of water to start pushing the fluids.  The soup needed a lot of salt and pepper so I could taste it, but it was warm and yummy. I don’t really feel like chewing much with my sinuses feeling tender (woe is me… I hate sounding so dramatic and miserable!). 

So now it’s 2:30. I’m tired and want to nap. My lower back is feeling sore. I am drinking a cup of coffee to give me a boost so when I go out tonight with a friend I can cheer her up instead of dragging her down! Having a second mounds with this coffee.  I got a Kombucha out of the fridge, but can’t seem to open it! My hands must be a little weak, or maybe it’s just a sign I shouldn’t drink it yet. Save the detox for when I’m feeling better? I also have some beet kvass (recipe from NT) in the fridge, but honestly it’s hard to make myself drink it as I’m not fond of the flavor. Maybe a shot would be helpful though.

I’m not hungry again yet, but I am seeking foods to make me feel better. One that comes to mind is a superfood smoothie. I made smoothies a bit ago, and have been way too busy lately to keep up with them. The recipe combination I use seems like it has plenty of goodness in it to promote health and healing. I am planning to make one with the following yummy ingredients to get me pepped up and ready to go.

Get Well Smoothie

2 large pineapple chunks, frozen – vitamin C, adds sweetness
1/2 C frozen raspberries – vitamin C,adds delish-ness 🙂
1 ‘cupcake’ frozen steamed kale –
3/4 C yogurt – healthy bacteria, a bit of protein
2 T+ coconut oil –
2t flax seed oil –
2 egg yolks –
1T+ maple syrup –

Other thoughts… will I toss in a few ounces of beet kvass?  I have a banana and some peaches – those could taste good.

So my get well plan:

A. Go for a medium paced run indoors on the treadmill to avoid dehydration and overheating.
B.  Walk to and from the apt gym, to spend about 15 minutes total outside, just to get some sun which always feels fantastic.
C.  Come home, make a smoothie and drink it
D. Take a shower
E. Take a nap (my favorite!)

Then I’ll be ready to get up and go have some fun! Going to try the run now… will come back later and post photos!