Oh, how I LOVE Saturdays!!  Sleeping in, staying in pajamas, cooking, cleaning, and having the house to myself. John left for his weekly movie and I immediately turned off the tv, turned on Deva Premal, and turned up the temp in the house a few degrees! (shh, don’t tell him.) I’m drinking Aveda tea and have a chicken roasting in the oven, and brown rice soaking for dinner. I’ve also put the drumsticks in their lemony marinade for cooking later today or tomorrow.  It’s been a good day so far!

Here is my chicken, the first one I’ve ever roasted whole like this. I went for the ‘flip method’, where the first half of roasting is breast-down, then you flip the bird, and the second half is roast breast-up. This is supposed to help the breast be juicier, so we’ll see how it turns out. It smells so good, I might have to sample it before John gets home!


Last night I made Lemon curd bars and the curd that tops them, but it was really late when I pulled the bars out of the oven. So I left the bars out on the counter to cool, and put the warm curd in the fridge. This morning I spread the lemon curd on top and the bars are now in my fridge waiting for me to eat them! 

I made meringues earlier this week, so I kept a little of the lemon curd to spread on meringues. I use Sally Fallon’s meringue recipe from Nourishing Traditions, with maple syrup and arrowroot.   I just had one and it was so good! There are always plenty of eggwhites around here because I use the yolks in my smoothies.


So speaking of smoothies, I actually made the Kale ice cubes this week! I didn’t squeeze out any liquid as the mixture was very dry, but hopefullly the rest of the smoothie will still mask most of the flavor. There they are in my freezer, in silicon muffin cups.


I haven’t had the opportunity to try the green smoothie recipe yet as I was out of berries and also needed to get some pineapple, but I finally got both last night and put the pineapple in the freezer, so I think I’m ready to give it a go! I’ll update with pics if they come out as great as Sarah’s did.

The timer for the chicken just went off!

Ok, so I admit, this being my first whole roasted chicken, I had no idea how to tell if it was done. A quick search led me WonderHowTo.com with a 1.5 minute video tutorial entitle “How to check a roast chicken for doneness“. Exactly what I needed. The video is great! I wish I had seen the video before I cut into the meat of the thigh trying to determine where to look for the pink color. The chicken is back in for a bit longer.

Update: Made the smoothie! I used raspberries and pineapple. The color is a very light pink with *obvious* green bits in it. I think blueberries or blackberries would be required to cover the green color. The flavor is very similar to the same smoothie made without the green stuff added in.  In fact, the only time I really taste anything green is when it gets stuck in my teeth and I find myself chewing it. I actually ‘chew’ my smoothies quite a bit because I like the taste of the raspberry bits and the little tiny lumps of coconut oil that will melt if you hold them in your mouth for a few seconds. The kale is not quite as delicious to find myself chewing on, but it’s not unpleasant. I can’t believe I am currently eating an entire serving of kale. We’ll see if the collards turn out to be as neutral.