This week I’ve had two awesome workouts so far. On Monday morning, John and I hit the pool a little after 6:00 AM. I pulled off an unimpressive 800 yards of swimming before being completely worn out and heading for the hot tub. I need to swim a lot more often! My arms and back were not even sore from the workout, as I don’t have enough endurance to actually cause them to work that hard. I’m aiming for another swim this weekend.

The star workout for the week was a treadmill run on Wednesday night. I did a .25 mile walking warmup, ran 4 miles, and followed with a .25 mile cooldown. I was pretty excited – even took a photo of the treadmill! The total workout was over 40 minutes, with an average heart rate of 155. I kept the speed at 5.8 mph and watched my heartrate climb slowly from 150 to 175.

Tomorrow I’m going on a 16-mile ride with a group leaving from Spin City Cycling. It says, “True beginner level ride – mostly flat with few short hills. We will ride at about 12mph on roads that either have bike lanes or roads with little traffic.” This sounds right up my alley.  I just need to be there around 8:15 and everything will be great! I’m really excited to have found a ‘true’ beginner ride that isn’t planning to go 20 mph. Time to gather the gear and make sure the alarm is set!