The triathlon I am really excited about now is called the Sweet & Twisted Tri, being hosted by Red Licorice Events.  It’s not until August, so I can certainly be ready for it by then, even if I haven’t done any other tri’s in between. I’m excited that Sweet & Twisted is women only, but even more… I’m excited about the Jersey!!

The logo is super cute, and retro like an old drive in or ice cream shop. I can’t wait!

Last night I spent some time reading up on training plans available (for free) on Beginner Triathlete. I read two plans, the Original Sprint 13-Week and also the Olympic 2x Balanced 16-Week. (note: You have to register and login to access the links to the training plans, even though they are free.)  With the Sweet & Twisted Tri 16 weeks out, I am comfortable that I will be ready for a Sprint distance by then.

There is another Red Licorice women’s tri in September – the Olympic distance Dude Girl.   It is 5 weeks after the Sweet & Twisted, putting it 21 weeks from now.  I actually have time to follow the more relaxed 20-Week program for the Olympic distance if I wanted to do that. It all seems very safe.

What my over-acheiving brain really wants to do is choose a huge goal, like a half-iron at the end of the season, and push myself like a maniac to get trained in time to actually finish it. I know I would either abandon ship halfway through the summer when my workaholic lifestyle can no longer accommodate the 18 hours per week training schedule, or injure myself through over-training and be out of commission until next year. So, while I am planning to jump in “with both feet”, I am choosing a safe and deliberately ‘do-able’ training plan and schedule. ho-hum! 

All I need now is a training pal. Where do I find one?