She’s down for a nap. It’s an exciting moment, when I creep out of the nursery having completed a succesful ‘5 minute check’. Still asleep, still swaddled, pacifier still in place. I could have anywhere from 25 to 90 minutes of blissful silence, even freedom.

Nap time presents me with a decision-making dilemma several times per day. The moment she falls asleep, the chaos of baby gear that has overwhelmed my home becomes more obvious to me. The empty cups and coffee mugs, water bottles, receiving blankets, and exciting colorful baby toys are all asking for their permanent homes. The same moment is often the most tired moment of my day, where I hear many wise voices in my head saying “Sleep when your baby sleeps…”

My dilemmas (aka internal to-do list):

  • Make the bed? Change the sheets? Leave it for my helpful assistant to take care of this afternoon?
  • Look in the fridge to see what I could make for dinner? Is my hubby going to be home in time for dinner? If I make dinner I’ll have to clean up the mess, maybe we should just order pizza?
  • Make another cup of coffee? How much water have I had today? I’ll settle on both. (be right back!)
  • Coffee time makes me want to check Facebook and BabyCenter for updates. And my personal email.
  • Checking email was a bad idea. Jones Design Co posted a list of her favorite blogs. I could seriously get lost!! There goes my weekend!! Do I need more inspiration? Or do I need to finish some of the million things I have already started?
  • I’ve sworn off Pinterest until I get my life schedule back under control! My favorite way to lose time EVER.
  • I’m using one of my fave-o coffee mugs from my sis: Do Something Creative Every Day. I should do something creative today.  Make wipee cases for my girlfriends? Finish my friend’s birthday present? When am I going to finish my maternity album? When will I start Chloe’s scrapbook? Before scrapping, I need to clean off my scrap table. Maybe I should do that. If I’m going to clean a desk, shouldn’t I do the kitchen desk with the bills before I clean my creative space?
  • Speaking of albums, I need to redo the Shutterfly album that was lost when my internet cut out during the save process. (grrrrr) Maybe I’ll do that again tonight after she goes to bed? She’s 2 months old, I should have her newborn album finished and ordered by now!
  • I wonder when the last time was that I wrote down her milestones. I should check that. Where did I put that notebook?
  • I should also have my wedding album ordered. That’s 2 years overdue. I wonder if I’ll ever get that done.

Back to reality. Chloe is way off her schedule today. She napped at 8:30 and 11:30 instead of her usual 9:30 and 1:00. Will she sleep longer than the usual 30 to 45 minutes? I’d love to have some extra time to think about all of this. I can do a lot of things while she’s awake, but one thing I have difficulty doing is thinking. It seems that the moment I get on a good thought process, she needs or wants something, or worse is happy but is silent and I freak out and run to see what she’s doing. First time mommyhood is a trip. Ok what was I thinking about? Thoughts about prioritizing items on my to-do list.

There is too much stuff in my house. If I just pick one thing, like one single kitchen drawer, and spend the next 15 minutes cleaning it out, I will make progress toward my ultimate goal of a neat, tidy, organized, clutter-free, well-decorated, warm and welcoming home. I get stuck choosing the first thing, like a writer on the first line of a book. I want an outline for how I’m going to get the whole house done. And better, how I’m going to get my whole life done. Part of me believes that once I get my house tidy, the rest of my life will become tidy. I have the same issue with my closet: I want it to be neat, tidy, organized, free of clothes that don’t fit or look bad on me, and filled with clothes that are easy for me to put on and feel like I’m representing myself.

…and she’s up! More thoughts on another day.



I was on the verge of an identity crisis this morning. Standing in my bathroom, about to apply my not-really-matching foundation, looking at my 9 weeks postpartum body in the mirror and wondering what I should wear today, I started to panic. I am losing myself. I used to wear lipstick. I used to care about my clothes, and I used to wear heels. I even used to dry my hair, every day; I wouldn’t leave the house with wet hair (Seriously? Who would do that?).  I put on a purple t-shirt and ponytail, deciding it would be fine for today, until I noticed the shorts and tennis shoes on the floor behind me from yesterday’s ‘fine for today’ outfit, and I said to myself “This is not who I am…” But I answered myself: this is who I am, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. My outfit for today, yesterday, and the past few weeks may not represent who I want to be, but it certainly represents who I am, at least at this moment.

Today I’m going to be running errands in Austin’s 100+ degree weather, carrying a 13 pound baby girl who is guaranteed to spit up on both of us at least twice, and somehow I will probably get baby poop on myself.  How can I look cute? Honestly, how can I be bothered to look cute? And how can I look put together without wearing my go-to staple of long dark jeans, which would be ridiculously too hot for the weather, and require heels which are borderline ridiculous for errands with a baby in tow. Oh, and a shirt with nursing access, so cute dresses are not an option yet. My closet is full of maternity shirts that are too big, three nursing shirts that have been seriously over worn in the past 9 weeks, and maternity jeans and skirts that fit but I am pressuring myself to wear real clothes with buttons instead of panel waists. My fancy pre-maternity work clothes are neatly boxed in the garage. I feel too guilty to go shopping for new clothes without first checking what is in those bins.

What’s a girl to wear? No longer working, but still caring about looking put together. Not comfortable with my jiggling areas in skimpy summer clothes, and feeling too frumpy in Bermuda shorts and tennis shoes. Too hot for jeans, too embarrassed to wear denim maternity pencil skirt one more time (yet eternally thankful for the thick concealing and controlling fabric of thick denim with lycra!).  Not willing to go shopping for clothes that fit the transitional body, preferring to invest in transitional workout clothes to help the transitional body speed along its transition.

I took off the purple t-shirt and hung it back up, choosing a teal, blue and white fringy scarf and a white t instead. I put it on with a teal skirt and gold flat sandals. The t requires an undershirt to conceal my bra, back fat, and jiggly belly. I realize that it’s probably just as silly to wear an undershirt and scarf in 100 degrees as it is to wear jeans, but I will pretend. I look sort of cute, but I look better in jeans.

Should I forgo errands and spend the afternoon getting my closet under control? Bring up boxes one at a time and start getting the maternity wear out of my closet? Would getting my closet under control help my life feel more under control? Is that more important than groceries, diapers, making returns, going through the stack of mail on the counter, doing baby laundry, ordering baby announcements, and finishing a birthday gift for the party we’re attending tomorrow afternoon?  Fortunately, my baby girl just woke up from her nap, saving me from self-absorption. I will have the same closet crisis tomorrow. And I still have wet hair. But now it’s time for much more important things. It’s time to change her stinky pants!

Happy Housewives, Darla ShineAbout 2 years ago, I was walking through Barnes & Noble, and the discount table had a book on it that caught my eye. It was called Happy Housewives: I Was a Whining, Miserable, Desperate Housewife–But I Finally Snapped Out of It…You Can, Too!  It made me laugh a little bit, but piqued my interest enough to pick it up and read the back cover.  And then the inside of the book jacket. And finally, skim the table of contents and introduction before deciding I would not only buy this hardback book for myself, but I would also get a copy for my sister! I won’t reveal the exact price of the book, but I was able to secure both copies for less than five dollars.

The book was available in three different covers, so I purchased the appropriate brunette cover for my sister, and the blonde cover for myself. I considered buying a third copy for my mom, but she has always appeared to me to have her stuff together and to be happy with her life, and I didn’t feel she would benefit from this book the way my sister and I might.

I admit, I did read this book two years ago, and I loved it. But after that one rainy Sunday afternoon spent reading, the book went back on the shelf with my stack of other lifestyle books that until recently were tiredly waiting on the top shelf, under a thin blanket of dust, for my life to get a little bit different. Other titles such as Katie Brown’s Weekends, Pottery Barn Storage and Display, and Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed.

With the launch of my new career as a stay at home wife and mom, I am “doing my homework” and researching how to make the most out of my newfound free time, continue to develop my mental game, get my house to look the way I want it to look (my main resolution for this year), stay fit and stylish, and “find myself” in the absence of the easy definition of a job title. In other words, I’m hell-bent on not becoming a lazy, fat, sweatpants wearing blob who can no longer carry on a conversation with my previous work colleagues or husband, who no longer knows what is in fashion, and who goes days at a time without leaving the house or at least getting dressed out of pajamas.

Darla Shine’s book was a treat. Some people are offended by her opinions as well as the way she delivers them. I found both her opinions and her straightforward delivery to be refreshing, relevant, and pleasantly aligned with my own. I agree with her assessment of the non-working wife’s responsibilities, the importance of not nagging your husband, and the level of contentment that comes from mastering one’s home. The joyful work of creating my home is something I look forward to and am already eagerly beginning to participate in.

For me, Darla’s book was accessible and full of much-needed reminders that I could relate to. I don’t want my husband to see our home out of control. I agree with her that after working together for so many years, the last thing I want is for my husband to think I can’t handle it! I respect his dedication and success at his job, and I want the same from him as I create the home that I desire, and he is eager to come home to.


The most exciting news: we’re going to have a baby girl (!!!!!).  Monday morning at 7:45 we had our sonogram, and while I can’t believe 4 days have passed since then, I feel like time has been both standing still and rushing past.

From the moment I saw that little girl on the screen, flipping around and grabbing her toes up over her head, my whole world changed. This was my first time to see the little one, since we decided not to do an early dating sonogram at 7-9 weeks. I was overcome with emotion, tears streaming down my cheek as I lifted my head slightly off the table to see the screen better. It wasn’t a surprise that a baby was there… I already knew that.

She is perfectly formed, from her fingers and toes to the four chambers of her heart.  I had been fearful that there would be something terribly wrong, that the tech would leave to get the doctor to deliver devastating news, that the kicking I thought I had been feeling wasn’t the baby moving at all.  But to my delight and relief, she is just right. Everything in the right place, the right size, and looking like it’s doing its job.  As she kicked and squirmed on the screen, my resistance melted, and I surrendered to allowing myself to fully know and love and become attached to this beautiful new life growing inside me.

My husband dropped me off at home after our appointment, and he went to work. I then proceeded to go slightly crazy. I’ve spent the past four days in planning frenzy, trying to make decisions about our baby’s name, the design of the nursery, whether we are going to stay in our apartment or move to a house to have more space and a separate room for baby, what do we need to buy, where will we register, what part of town should we live in, what is the safest car seat, do I need to get my brakes checked, and all sorts of other seemingly urgent and important things this soon-to-be first time mom needs to have taken care of right now!  Some people might call this the nesting urge, but I’ve heard that’s more of a sudden need to detail clean your bookshelves and purge the fridge in the last few weeks before the baby arrives. This is more of an “oh my goodness I haven’t done anything yet and I need to do it all right now!” feeling.

I’m honestly a bit surprised it is Thursday. To make me sound like less of a crazy sweatpants lady who doesn’t leave the house, I have the excuse that I’m dog-sitting at my parents (and may or may not have been wearing yoga pants all day and not have left the house, but who would know that?).  Tomorrow I plan to get back on track with my daily goals that I’m able to do remotely, along with starting my normal posts again. Funny how pregnancy can derail plans. The important part is getting back on the plan.

In other fun news, and to catch up on the updates missed from earlier this week:

  • Exercise update – I went to prenatal yoga twice again this week and loved it. I found a new 10:30 AM class that really suits me. I also met a cool mom there and hope to continue to get to know her! I’m excited that yoga has led me to possible friendships.
  • Daily goals are kaput for the past 3 days, but I’ll be back on it tomorrow.
  •  And From the Hearth, I made great progress on both my craft room and my closet, but am not 100% finished with them. I’ll be ready to take pics and post the updates next week!

The first book I read this year was Belly Laughs. I know this book is nothing new, and lots of pregnant and not pregnant people have read it in the past 7 years since it was first published. Even if it’s not brand new, I love this book. When my sister was pregnant with Tabby (my 3-year-old niece), I sent her this book. I remember laughing so hard previewing it in the store that there was no way I was leaving without it. I mailed her the book (this was before my love affair with Amazon, when I used to buy books and mail them), and she enjoyed it. A few months ago, I received a huge package from her, including tons of maternity clothes, magazines, and this book! It was touching to receive the book back that I had sent to her years before.

On to the book! This is a quick read. I woke up at 4:00 AM one day this week because I needed to eat. That happens a lot since I hit 18 weeks. As I ate my toast and drank a huge glass of milk, I started reading this book. By 6:30 AM, I was finished with it. I had gone through a half box of tissues because I was crying with laughter. I was home alone since John had to go to work early that day, and kept laughing out loud in our silent apartment. I recommend this book for anyone pregnant for the first time, who isn’t still grossed out by talking about bodily functions… goodness knows, she’ll get over that fast enough!

While I loved a lot of the hilarious stories she shared, one of my most comforting takeaways from this book was the thought that “even playmates get fat when they are pregnant.”  That may not be what her goal was, but I found a lot of relief in her retelling of her eating habits and weight gain. Pregnancy is not easy. I am enjoying it immensely, however, do not be fooled: this is not easy! For someone who has strived for fitness and an active lifestyle since I was old enough to know the word Triathlon, I struggle with letting go of my body shape and letting it do what it needs to do to make this baby. I know it’s a great lesson; everyone tells me it’s just training for when I have children and have no control over anything. Control is just an illusion anyway, right? My thighs are teaching me that lesson right now.

The baby is kicking around. It knows I’m talking about it. Yeah, you’re making my thighs fat and jiggly. But that’s okay. After you come out, Mama will take you running until she feels great about her shape again! Note to self: register for running stroller.

Hello! Today was a great day. I met my sister-in-law and her boyfriend at the halfway point between my house and theirs and was able to get our camera! I’m so excited to have it back. Now, just because I have it doesn’t mean I know how to USE it yet. Tomorrow will be a fun day curled up with a warm mug of something delicious and the camera manual. I’ll try out all the modes and see if I can figure out how to use it. So today’s photo is a terrible trapezoid shot. Hopefully it will be the last bad camera phone shot on my blog!

scrapbook 1-8-11

This is probably my first scrapbook layout in a year. I’m trying to remember the last layout I made and I can’t think of anything. I’m sure I did a January 2010 calendar page, so I might dig around and see if I can find my previous layout. My point is, I’m feeling a bit rusty!

On this layout, I used both old familiar techniques and a few new ones that I haven’t tried before.

My first favorite technique, most commonly used when I’m ‘getting my groove back’, is scraplifting! Rather than lift an entire layout at once, I usually combine my favorite parts of two or three layouts. Today’s layout combines elements of recent layouts by Karenika and Susan Weinroth. Here are a few details:

I have several Tim Holtz distress inks, along with the craft mat and the foam applicator tool, but I had never tried using it before. After watching some of Karen’s tutorials for holiday gift tags, I was inspired to give it a try. I finally understand why everyone is in love with this technique! I need to practice, as you can see the corners of my applicator showing up everywhere instead of being nice and blended.  Even so, I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

For the base of my layout, I visited Susan’s blog to look at her film strip or photo booth treatment of photos. I love that look, so I checked out how she made it work and balanced her pages. I also loved the butterfly punches with rhinestone bodies and lifted wings.  I also used the trailing lines behind the butterflies, which I think I’ve seen on both of these talented ladies’ blogs, as well as lots of other places. I took a tip from Susan again and layered a butterfly on a circle, on raised dots, on top of a bracket-type shape, topping it off with a fancy pin.

I wrapped up this layout by adding some diagonal balance. I used Karen’s near-signature cluster of tiny bits in the top left corner, and decided to add a touch of whimsy in the bottom right to match. Karen’s layouts have a jaunty liveliness to them that I really like, and I think I took away from that on my own layout by adding to the bottom right. Maybe next time I won’t add anything there!

I’m happy to have a completed my layout in a really long time, and I feel ready to dive back in!

Nearly everything from last year’s stash of Studio Calico kits.
Letters: October Afternoon Mini Market stickers; American Crafts Thickers
Labels: October Afternoon
Paper: My Mind’s Eye ~ Be Loved
Punches: Martha Stewart
Ghost butterfly: Heidi Swapp
Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Broken China and Peeling Paint

Memory Game
A few years ago I heard an idea of making a homemade memory game. I think it may have been Heidi Swapp’s class at Big Picture in 2007, but I’m not completely sure if that’s where the idea came from. I am mostly sure it was Heidi Swapp’s idea, I just can’t recall whether it was during her class or on her blog or inspiration site. Luckily, I remembered that idea recently when it was time to decide what I was making for Christmas presents.

My neice Tabby just turned 3 in early December. Being pregnant with my first, I know very little about childre’ns specific abilities at certain ages. I had to ask my sister if Tabby is able to recognize and name people in photographs. Lucky for me, she is!! Apparently this is something she’s been able to do for a long time, but don’t hold it against me that I didn’t know this – we only see each other two or three times a year. 

Due to the distance between us, we like to do Skype with video pretty often. My husband had the great idea to get everyone HD webcams for Christmas, so the whole family can see each other more clearly. It’s been so fun! My mom tells me that whenever she Skypes with Tabby, she asks to see Lulu, one of my parent’s three daschunds.  I have not heard this myself, but apparently the request is “Can I see You-you?” Kids are so cute.

Memory Game

My husband had a box of the perfect size, which didn’t have any corporate text on the inside or on the sides of the bottom of the box. What a relief! I think this box was from a hard drive. I took out the foam and started to mod podge it. I only needed to cut 6 sides: top, bottom, and the 4 sides of the top. I haven’t had much luck when having to decoupage the sides of the bottom of a box. The box often won’t fit back together well. I typically will paint it instead. Lucky for me (again!), this box is  areally pretty shade of medium grey, nearly lavender.

Memory Game

For this project, I only used 3 sheets of paper, one sheet of cardstock, and about a quarter of a bottle of mod podge. Here is the list of the super simple steps I followed:

  1. Trim paper to size for the box. Mod podge to box using standard decoupage technique: thin layer on box surface, apply paper and press firmly, apply another layer on top.
  2. Cut squares of heavy cardstock to a good size. Mine are 3×3 inches.
  3. Cut squares of pink backing paper and mod podge to cardstock.
  4. Print photos to the right size. I’m not good at photoshop, so I cheat a little. I used Microsoft Publisher and created a document with gridlines 3×3 inches. I inserted my photos there, and resized/cropped right in Publisher! I printed 2 copies of each sheet using my color laser printer on nice white printer paper. (My absolute favorite printer paper ever is Hammermill Color Copy paper! It has a green apple on the package)
  5. Cut out the photos and mod podge to the other side of the cardstock.
  6. While the squares were drying, I put a second coat of mod podge on the box.
  7. After squares are dry, check for overhanging edges and trim with paper trimmer as needed.
  8. Round corners (I have so much love for my 1/2″ corner chomper!)
  9. Apply another coat of mod podge to squares, side 1.
  10. Embellish lid of box with letters. Apply another coat of mod podge.
  11. Flip squares and mod podge side 2.
  12. Allow it all to dry, put the cards in the box, and put the lid on it!

Memory Game

Extra notes:

  • I would have preferred to add at least one more coat of mod podge on both the box and the cards, but I ran out. And I had already gone through 4 foam brushes.
  • Make sure you use a patterned paper with a consistent background for the card backs. I wanted to use a coordinating Basic Grey paper, but they have variation across the page. Hence, pulling out the old stash of paper I might not tend to use otherwise.

The top and bottom of the box are Basic Grey: Phoebe. The sides of the box and tops of the cards are old, I think more than 5 years old. I’m pretty sure it’s a K&Co paper pack bought at Target in 2004!
Letters are Basig Grey: Phoebe and American Crafts thickers.

Mission: Organization

A draft of the major areas of the house that need to be overhauled.

What is Mission: Organization (aside from a fun show on HGTV)? My mission is to tackle my home! Over the past four years, clutter, power cords, empty glass candle holders, receipts, filing, clothes that no longer fit, and products we don’t use have built up in all the corners of our home. Inspired by Fly Lady and her various missions (Zone Missions, Holiday Clean Up Missions, even Pamper Missions), I decided to make my own list of Organization Missions to get back in touch with my home. Room by room, drawer by drawer, I plan to sort, purge, donate, tidy, and label my whole house.  We’re hoping to move within the next 2 to 4 months, and being pregnant, I know it will take me longer than anticipated to comb through all of our belongings. I want to start now, and slowly and steadily, get my home back to the way I want it, one mission at a time.

In addition to the upcoming move, I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where to find things in my own home. I used to be able to put my hand on any item in less than 3 minutes, but now, we’re better off buying a new power cord or battery charger than waiting for me to find it. What a waste of money, and who needs three battery chargers?  I feel a heaviness in the parts of my home that are cluttered with stuff that I haven’t taken the time to sort through. Purging is going to feel so great! There is a small chance I could decide we don’t need to move to a larger home (haha, unlikely! I need room for baby!).  Once I get rid of the unnecessary items, we may find we do have room for baby and all of baby’s things, at least until he is 6 months old or so. We could possibly stay here another year, allowing us to maintain a certain stability and predictability in our environment and expenses. As much as I want to decorate a nursery, we are not 100% decided on moving. Whether we move or not, I still feel highly motivated to get our home in order!

One rule I learned from the Fly Lady is: don’t take out more than you can put back in one hour! I am taking this rule to heart when selecting my Organization Missions. I will be scheduling only 1.5 hours of time on each mission, with the plan to only spend 1 hour on the task.  I see myself following a plan of: empty out one drawer, sort, put back everything from the “keep” bucket, put out the trash / recycling / donations. Check clock. If there is time, repeat. Because some drawers or cabinets are much larger than others, 30 minutes of sorting could lead to one hour of putting away, so I want to make sure I have time to complete one full mission each time I set out to do one. My largest mess will be doable in that amount of time.

My Goal: A place for everything, and everything in its place.

I’ve sketched out my goals on a sheet of paper, leaving room to add more as I think of them. I am highly motivated to hang the pictures we have leaning against walls, buy things that have been missing for a long time, or create the crafting/sewing projects I’ve been planning. I’m a little less eager to carry donations to Goodwill or sort through the bath towels to decide which should go in the rag bin. To use this motivation to my advantage, I’ve separated the tasks into the organization/purge portion, and setup the decorating/sewing/shopping as a reward for completing the space.

My first target is the Guest Room / Craft Room space. I prioritized this item as number one because the mess in there is preventing me from achieving my other goals. Daily sketches, weekly layouts, and pregnancy journal did not get done this week because the room is too messy to find the supplies I need. Once I get this room under control, it will feel like an oasis from the clutter in other areas of the house. I will be able to retreat to my studio during the time I’ve scheduled for creativity, and will actually feel I’ve accomplished something other than locating my supplies.

Plan for Guest Room / Craft Room:

  1. Box non-craft items and move to garage (Halloween decor and costumes, Christmas decor and costumes).
  2. Attack the craft closet, including: fabric stash, paper stash, wrapping station, embellishment buckets, and memorabilia files. The closet may need to be divided into two halves to be do-able.
  3. Put everything stashed on the bed into its proper place, being sure to properly sort each item prior to storing it – many will need to go to the trash or donation bin.
  4. Tidy desktops, putting tools back where they belong, clearing surfaces, restoring computer peripherals, and storing “in progress” projects in their proper bins (not on the table).

Ideally, this can be completed in one week. Once completed, my rewards will include:

  1. Hang items ready for the walls: butterflies, magnet boards, clock (this will be a fun craft project, too), and new framed quote.
  2. Take my two vintage typewriters in for servicing

I’ll take Before and After pics and post them with my progress update next week! Until then, wish me luck on my first Mission: Organization… I’ll be armed with sorting boxes, Dyno label maker, Swiffer, vacuum, and a discerning eye that quickly decides who stays and who goes!!

This year I’m working to implement some new daily habits. Making new habits is hard! The minute I get distracted or tired or caught up in something at work, my goals go out the window. Not consciously of course, I just forget about them.

As mentioned yesterday, my public daily goals include:

  • Daily posts according to schedule
  • Daily sketch or art journaling
  • Daily photo
  • Daily routine
  • Daily exercise – note: I did not mention this one yesterday, but I’ll include updates on this when I talk about eats and walks!

My daily routine is a work in progress. Right now I’m trying to implement a few simple changes. If you already do these things, it’s probably almost funny to you that I don’t do them, and am struggling right now to get off my couch and make myself go do them! But here goes:


  • Make bed
  • Wipe bathroom counter and toilet
  • Floss
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Start one load laundry


  • Fill and run dishwasher
  • Shine sink
  • Floss
  • Wash face
  • Read

Of these, I’m having the most trouble with washing my face before bed. The morning routine is going well, but at night, I just wait a little too long, and suddenly my arms are too heavy to even think about dishes. It’s all I can do to brush my teeth and fall into bed! I’m happy with the progress on the morning routine. I’m on day 5 of this month, and I’ve only missed one morning of making the bed. Woohoo!

Each of the items on my other daily goals are going pretty well. I haven’t forgotten that they are my goals, and I have been making some steady progress on them. It takes 28 days to become a habit, so I’m just reminding myself of the goals, planning them into my schedule, working on them diligently, and forgiving myself when I run out of time or don’t acheive them all. Oh well! Life does go on. And tomorrow, I try again! Tonight I am off to brush my teeth and fall onto my pillow, with one sink full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher full of clean ones. I didn’t do so well tonight. But tomorrow I will fix that and shine it up.

Good night!

ps. I forgot to mention the Fly Lady.  For anyone looking for guidance on getting their household under control and organized (or in my case, leaving work to become a full time mom), this site is great for baby steps and getting you started! Hugs to the Fly Lady! xoxo

Tonight I am tired. It was a busy day. I’d like to keep up with my daily posts, so I’m just going to share a few things I’m thankful for today:

  1. I’m thankful for the calming, refreshing, sleepy rain we had today, that helped me sleep in and get much needed rest.
  2. I’m thankful for the local Elevation Burger that serves grass-fed beef. I needed some good nourishment today, and it was nice to have a warm and healthy lunch on the go. I also happened to have a full punch card, so my lunch was free!
  3. I’m thankful for the kind people who tell me I look great. Being pregnant is hard, and it takes a lot of effort to look pulled together. I’m fighting against the natural tendency to become stretchy pants woman. It feels really great when someone notices and makes it even more worth it. I dress nice for myself and so that I feel good, but it’s the cherry on top when someone else says “looking good!”


She designed a life she loved! -Kobi Yamada

What am I doing?

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Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are probably right. -Henry Ford